The 7 Money-Maker Emails

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Get the best 7 types of emails that'll help you generate clients from your email list, even a tiny-tot one.

Picture this 👇

Hearing about the benefits of having an email list, you have somehow grown your email list but now you are facing a big obstacle between you and generating sales from your email list.

It is -- You have no idea about what to send to your list.

While you are reading/viewing others' stories about how they are making almost passive income, you are sitting here with a list that has not made even a single sale.

When it comes to writing emails, all that you can write is promotion-only laden emails that build no trust with your audience

Or, suffer from every writer's nightmare - THE BLANK SCREEN SYNDROME - your mind goes blank while writing emails and you cannot come up with any novel ideas.

Does the above scenario relate to you?

Then, my dear friend, I got you!

I was also once at your place.

When I started growing my email list - getting subscribers felt exciting, although my list was growing at a snail's pace.

But whatever small number of subscribers I had - I was clueless about what to send to them. Whatever emails I was sending were flopping - almost no opens...forget getting sales.

And, situations like this demand attention to improving whatever we already have than chasing higher numbers. So, I decided to pay serious attention to the quality of my emails - which were not of enough high quality.

I kept sending email after email and experimented with different types of content - hoping that it would turn at least one of my email subscribers into my client - which also led to some unsubscribes.

But, one truth that I realized after sending so many emails is that……

Not every type of content work in generating sales from emails.

There’s a specific kind of email content that works better than other types.

I found this truth not only after sending emails to my own list but also analyzing the ones that I regularly receive, and open. And, also the ones that led me to high-ticket purchases - I started noting what kind of emails brought me closer to the purchase.

I strongly believe in the MANTRA- “If you want to streamline your sales process then you have to sell the way you buy.”

Which means...

👉 If you hate buying under pressure then you have to stop selling that way too.

👉 If you hate receiving promotion-only emails then you have to stop sending the same ones too.

👉 If you love reading and buying from friendly emails then you have to send the same ones too.

Studying and experimenting with different email types, I found that there 7 types of emails that have outperformed others.

And, when I used these emails, the results were truly game-changing for me - these helped me sell my high-ticket service and generate over $20k from my small email list of 100.

And, in order to help you turn your email subs into clients...

I have revealed these 7 types of emails in "The 7 Money-Maker Emails" e-book.

When you purchase this e-book, you’ll get inside it:

✅ 7 types of emails that will help you convert your email subscribers into your clients. These are the same email types that I used to generate over $20k from my tiny email list.

✅ Why each type of email works so that you are clear about your objective behind using these emails.

✅ When to use each email type so that you have a clear idea about which email to use and when to drive maximum conversions.

✅ 15+ real examples of my own emails that’ll give you a good idea of how to write one for your own list.

✅ Email content planner template (Google Sheets)

This e-book would be perfect for you if:

🔥 You want to build a good relationship and trust with your (email) audience.

🔥 You want to turn your email subscribers into clients.

🔥 You want to sell your high-ticket service/coaching or courses/digital products using emails.

🔥 You want to stand out and build authority in your market.

3 things will happen when you buy and implement this e-book:

⭐ You'll save a good amount of your time - that'll otherwise be wasted in finding out what works and what doesn't.

⭐ You'll build good a relationship with and authority amongst your audience.

⭐ You'll make more sales from your email list.

Questions that you might be thinking to ask

Q1. Does this e-book contain FILL-IN-THE-BLANK templates?

Ans. No, not at all.

I am not here to spoon-feed you by giving you FITB templates.

If you are looking for these templates then this e-book probably isn’t for you.

It’s better you use your own creativity to write your emails.

This e-book is here to give you direction and inspiration.

Q2. Who’s this e-book for?

Ans. It’s best suited for people who sell information online i.e. coaches, course-sellers, consultants, and service providers.

If you are into something else i.e. e-commerce store or SaaS then this e-book won’t do the job for you.

Q3. How long will it take to access this e-book?

Ans. You'll get immediate access.

After you purchase, you'll receive your e-book PDF instantly.

Q4. Will I get a refund if I don't like this product?

Ans. Sorry! Due to the digital nature of the product, I cannot offer any refund. However, you can offer your feedback on what improvement you want to see in this product. In the future, you'll be able to access its updated version for FREE.

So, are you ready to:

👉 Banish the overwhelm and frustration of not knowing what emails to send to sell your high-ticket offers?

👉 Confidently communicate your value to your audience?

👉 Build a good relationship with your audience?

👉 Make more sales from your email list?

If you answered yes then grab your copy of "The 7 Money-Maker Emails" today and unlock the door to massive enrollments, increased revenue, and a thriving business.

I want this!


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The 7 Money-Maker Emails

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